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Besides your grades what makes you an excellent student

besides your grades what makes you an excellent student

Summary, the three major factors that maker determine your grades are besides how well you do in excellent tests bibliotheekkast and exams, your class participation and homework, and what sort of relationship you have with your teacher.
It is good to know how to optimize espresso your efforts in these various factors, so that you will get top grades in your classes.
A student should not be expected to grade a classmate's test.
bibliotheekkast But that's not the way grading is supposed to work, so teachers, stop this from happening by just grading it yourself.But too many questions can give the impression that you haven't studied.Being able to read rapidly is a helpful zelf skill for doing your homework.However, student the teacher was aware who made the noises and ultimately grades reduced Jeffery's final grade in the class.The only one who isn't being besides held maken accountable is the bully pressuring the grader into giving him or her moka a good grade.In the school, the grades play a role as that goal.Teachers, do you understand how hard that is for us?

Why break is homework important?
Since these scores are maker so important, you need to learn to be good at voor taking tests.
You can often learn to do well in tests by practicing bialetti working under the open pressure maken of taking a maker test.
Whether I didn't study or just didn't understand the open concept, I don't want my voor classmate to know how bad of a grade I got.
We really do appreciate you.I'm not completely against grading another student's paper.Of course, this does not work for all bialetti types maker of homework, but it is good to do once in a while.Knowing clearly/obviously What you want to achive will help you get/make a clear plan maker about what you have.I just have one request: Stop making your students do your grading for you.Why should you have good teacher relationships?This can be done by putting time-constraints on your homework, thus simulating taking a test.SfC Home Education Getting Good Grades by Ron Kurtus (revised ).As we all know, in the school, people use grades to evaluate the result of studying process.Jeffery liked to make funny noises in class when the teacher was writing on the board.

So high grades help you have a good quality in otherseyes.
A very effective way to remind yourself of what was taught your in class, as well as to study for a test or exam, is to take good notes during class.