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Best meat to make biltong

best meat to make biltong

Food products listed on online this site, are offered by m (and not the owners/operators of this website).
You may use a commercial biltong dryer, but do not expect the final product to be of the best quality.
Our biltong allows you to enjoy your favorite cut of steak 24/7 in the convenience of a to-go-package.
Oupa Dawie was a very disciplined, lovable butcher and respected hunter that made some of the "best biltong" in Pretoria.
Move the box to a clean, dry area so make that it will be undisturbed, and away from hungry pets. .Resoaking Resoaking 2 Repeat until all the meat is back on the towel.Let the meat stand best for best 12 hours, then turn it over and let stand for another 12 hours. .Last but not least, dont best forget biltong to go buy a bunch of paperclips well need those to hang the meat.Prepping, youll need a clean surface area, with a decent workspace, as well as the following items: biltong A clean (but old towel) for laying the meat onto.As there doesnt seem to be any Biltong available in China, Im creating my own here in South Africa, so I can bring back for friends.We believe you should never settle and always #stryveon Biltong is has a simply 3-step process:.Our biltong is made using best a centuries old, authentic South African family recipe and we stop at nothing to make the best tasting and highest quality biltong.Hard best fat (as is mostly encountered with venison) is horrible, to say the least.Use your imagination and choose something you like. .One tip, dont use anything with too much salt, or youll have a hard best time eating the biltong!

Although many people compare American Jerky with South African Biltong, it filter is just not the best same thing. .
Because our unique family recipe is sugar free, you can make it part of software a healthy diet.
My dad uses special stainless steel hooks that he made himself but maker I consider those too expensive.So many snacks these days maker are filled with additives, in addition to maker being high in both fat and sugar!Our company may receive a payment if you purchase products from them after following a link from this smoothie website.Individual pieces must not touch.About the online line: It should be of sturdy construction, preferably made of steel wire and able to support the weight of the undried product.Perfect ANY time - Pre or post workout, mid-afternoon maker protein pick me best up or just the perfect addition to lunchboxes, online picnics, BBQ's or family days out.Note that the meat cannot touch the sides of the box, so make sure to leave best enough space on the left/right of the dowels for the thickest cuts of meat. .Add spices sparingly, and taste test until happy. .In our case, it took about 5 minutes for the large first cuts to turn white. .List Price:.99* Lowest free New Price:.99 * Usually ships in 24 hours* As of 14:07 Pacific More Info ) Click Here addictingly natural flavors: Stryve Biltong is dry rubbed with simple, all natural ingredients and our signature spice blend then cured for 21 days.Stryve Biltong always uses top quality 100 beef in their sticks with an all-natural lamb casing for great taste.We would never leave video without brown bags stuffed full of delicious dried meat for the ride home.Sprinkle best with water and brown vinegar (about 1 tbsp/pound of meat).Shopping for ingredients, we shopped for the meat at Stocks Butchers on Lansdowne road.Check the biltong twice a day, to make sure that no mold is growing, and everything looks. .

Hooking the meat You want to make sure that the meat doesnt fold over and touch, so make sure that you pick an appropriate edge to hang with.
Our finished prep work looked like this, note the airholes in the side of the box.
Once the airholes have been created, we drilled best holes for dowels that the meat is going to hang.