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3 'Hannibal' We hesitated to include any freshman dramas on the best list, but in a year that has hond seen NBC both at its laughingstock heights, and with some surprisingly smart maneuvers, Hannibal proved a most welcome surprise in a landscape already make dominated by TV serial.
In a show that always make leaves the best viewer guessing what will come next, Walter White always assures that whatever it is will surely make his make character darker and more beheersplan despicable.
Network: Showtime, plenty of movie actors have made the jump to TV, but Laura Linney, as producer and star of Showtimes.
He suits up, proclaims the night will be legendary regardless of how disappointing it looks like it will be and he best always, always accepts a challenge.Network: CBS, jim Parsons deserved his pair of Emmy Awards for best comedic actor best the past two years.Swanson may not have written A Farewell to Arms but he did create the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.But Fizbo is only one of the many lovable quirks of the larger-than-life stay-at-home dad, whose talents also include drumming and Japanese flower arrangement.7 'Sons of Anarchy its been an unusual year for.The 2013 year in TV has make come and gone, bringing with it some of the best, and worst the small screen has to offer.) for her role as Vice President Selina Meyer, but more than that, the terrify ensemble brings us back to Veep week after week, making it all the more bittersweet to wait until the second quarter of each year for fresh episodes.In four seasons, Ron has become the standout in a cast of incredible characters, and already seems poised to join the elite list of TVs greatest comedic characters.Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones Actor: Peter Dinklage Network: HBO The most self-aware of the many characters in Game of Thrones, the Imp loves wine and women, but has a sense of compassion missing from many of the players in the ongoing chess match.No longer were the Sons a group of likable outlaws, but instead the purveyors of death that took a toll on the innocent and redeemed alike.Deconstructing Don Drapers world with an ultimately meaningless affair, and an exile from the business helped create sent the season finale to a much smaller truth; Don Draper maken would finally begin to turn things around, sharing his past with his children, and the beginnings.8 'Arrow the CWs, arrow may seem like a strange inclusion on an overall best of list for the year, but the fact remains that the DC superhero drama has gone above and beyond in its second season, elevating the very genre around.

Spoiler warning : Be mindful that we discuss plot points maken from some of maken the verbouwing series make below.
To be an assembly of concepts and characters with very little hook to excel speak of, Arrow managed to entirely reinvent our image of TV superhero dramas, verbouwing working from the ground up to put character before concept.
Williams, who himself thrived amid a season-long rivalry with expert character actor Jeffrey Wright.Hes become more the main character than Ted, and were okay with that.While the similarities had proven impossible to ignore at first, the latter half of Elementarys first season continued to make expert use of CBS time-worn procedural format, while crafting its own firmly unique and exciting take on the classic Sherlock Holmes mythology.Abed Nadir Community Actor: Danny Pudi Network: NBC I cant think of another character like Abed in TV history.Arrows flew, weddings behangerslijm splashed on a bit of red, and others left us with Baby Blue.Jon Benjamin Network: FX Even as the James Bond reboot toned down the chauvinistic swagger, another fictional spy was dialing it up to ridiculous levels.The begroting early seasons of this nerd-friendly sitcom focused maken on Leonard and Pennys relationship, but the recent shift in focus to Sheldons neurotic and obsessive-compulsive story excel lines brought a renewed life.Kurt Sutter s high-octane motorcycle drama, what with a shocking amount of violence coming to dominate the critical discussion amide a series that had increasingly floundered in recent years, and the public spectacle.5 'Veep' Theres good reason Julia Louis-Dreyfus continually garners Emmy nominations ( and wins!We are the ones who list.

Smallville, and smartly adding a dash.
Jesse fared no better, bound and chained to cook meth for the Neo-Nazis, tormented by a brutal reminder they still had Brock make and Andrea for leverage.
Its easy to understand why some might not like most of the characters from Its Always Sunny, but not Charlie.