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Best way to make french fries

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9 Return the oil to 400F with each new batch, ensuring all the fries cook.
McDonald's doesn't just freeze their fries to store them - the process of freezing actually makes crispier final fries!
Its the kind of easy skill that comes with long practice and it always shows, and its always awesome to achieve.
As they do, get start heating up the oil in the next step.The paper towels remove excess oil, and the salt provides the best, most even flavor french when allowed to dissolve on the still-hot fries fries.Method 1 Cooking Easy Stovetop Fries 1, get some potatoes.4, using a sharp, clean knife, chop the potatoes with caution.After theyve sat for 5 minutes, toss the potatoes with some cornstarch and seasonings.If you fries attempt to eat the French fries while they're still hot, you will burn make your tongue!Ensure your potatoes are completely dry (dry with paper towels if needed).

Step Three: The best Heat, now it's time for the actual cooking.
Commercial fryers come with best built-in temperature controls that automatically shut off if the oil reaches dangerous temperatures.
I chose the best fries we had ever eaten: Hestons perfect pommes frites, along with our nemesis recipe, Kenji Lopez Alts similarly named recipe.
Russets are best for frying.
Return the fries to the oil and make cook for another 2 to 3 minutes or until the fries are golden brown and crispy.Want to know how McDonald's gets perfect fries every time?Fresh oil, for instance, is known to be useless."If you try to flex the fries, they actually snap.".Theres just something about them that, especially in shoestring form, are better done on a commercial factory scale: In-n-outs fries famously suck, Shake Shack had to walk back their fresh in-store french fries.(There's oxygen in water, after all.) But a little bit of acid in the water helps best keep the potatoes nice and white.Start checking after about 8 minutes.5 Drain the potatoes and pat dry with paper towels.Brown paper grocery bags work great for this.